Gifts for architects 2012

It seems this year, the holiday shopping season came a bit early. I want to say it started a week before Thanksgiving. I know the outdoor holiday market in Union Square was set up and operating the weekend before people filled themselves with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. And as with every holiday shopping, people are scrambling to find that gift fitting of the person they’re giving.

I know I haven’t posted much to my blog but ever since I started La Femme Architecte, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for architects for the holiday season. It’s become an annual tradition, and something I look forward to putting forth because I enjoy the search and I have fun writing it.

When I was a little girl, my mom bought me a memory game. I didn’t think much of it at first but ended up loving it and enjoyed the challenge. Of course, exercising the memory is not just children’s play. Memory games are fun and useful for all ages. Here’s a memory game that features architecture. It’s a great way to unwind after a grueling day in the office. And let’s not forget there are many architects who have families with children of their own. This would make a great activity for the architect and their child/children to share and bond over. Warning: this may lead children to a path of a career in architecture.

memory game

I did not have a dollhouse growing up. What I did have was a child sized bookshelf that my dad built, which I played with as a dollhouse. You can imagine that each shelf was a floor in the house and the spaces between books created the rooms.

modernist dollhouse

Many of you are already familiar with Lego’s Architecture series. I personally have recorded a set yet but I would love one of the Villa Savoye. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting this modern home while studying abroad in France.

villa savoye lego

A classmate highly recommended this book, and I am highly recommending it to you now. It’s a fascinating read of the famous dome in Florence. The description of the period and the accounts of the events that occurred places you there as the dome was executed.


I happened upon these while at a bookshop and thought these would make fun and useful stocking stuffers.

Most of us in the industry are practicing with computers and using advanced software to generate complex drawings and sexy renderings. However, there are still some architects who continue to draw by hand and with a pencil; typically a mechanical pencil. Along with a packaged present of a sketchbook and a mechanical pencil or lead holder, add an eraser or erasers like these shaped as buildings!

Or for the architect who has to have the latest tech gadget that plugs into a USB port, why not stuff their stockings with these building shaped USB ports?

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