One year anniversary

It’s been a trying year for me. Though I’ve been fortunate enough to land this current job (since last year) and still have it, I wonder if I might have been better off had I not accepted the position?

The work is not interesting. I’m not gaining useful professional experience. I work with an architect who has little or no interest in designing. He’s only interested in being the few who is providing a service that no other architects are interested in taking on. He has convinced gullible clients that he is connected to authorities with power to approve projects. The truth is, he has no influence over these bureaucratic figures. He may know them and he may have a rapport with them but his familiarity with these people has not by passed the bureaucracy machine of getting projects approved. He also wants to churn out work based on a template or standard drawing information.

He also relies on an individual in the office who has no degree or passion for architecture. He may have experience but he’s not inspirational. He’s not fit to lead nor does it seem like he has an interest in taking on more responsibility than what he’s accustomed to, which is not working with others.

I try to stay positive but it gets more and more difficult. There’s just no hope for this office, or for the people who strive to be architects. This is not where architects are made.

I’m professionally stunted, and that’s not good. Time moves on. Each year I’m not working on a new construction project is another year wasted. I’m not pleased that I’m venting this out but I am so frustrated.

However, I’m not without a means of escape, or at the very least – trying to create opportunities for myself that may lead to a better future.