Moleskine boutique

I was out and about during my lunch hour in Soho and noticed a new retail store.


I quickly popped into the boutique and as you can imagine they had every Moleskine product in their shoppe. If you’re not familiar with Moleskine, they’re known for the notebooks and sketchbooks. Their books are popular among artists, designers, and architects. The sketchbooks come is a range of formats, colors, and sizes.

The product that caught my attention and was of interest to me and to you were their monographs featuring contemporary architects called, Inspiration and Process in Architecture. As the title suggests, each book features the creative process of each architect through their hand drawings, sketches, and doodles. The series currently feature 6 architects. For more information on the monographs, click here.



Just in time for the holidays. I will be preparing a list of gift ideas for an architect, or someone who is interested in architecture. Check back soon, or better yet subscribe to the blog.

If you’re in NYC, you can find Moleskine boutique in Soho on West Broadway (cross street: Prince Street).


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