Freelance project: Completed

I completed my first freelance project last month. This project was through a former employer. It was for a commercial fit out with massive storage facilities. I was brought in to do the construction administration, a talent which I have developed over the years. It wasn’t a challenging project but a good project to test the waters of freelancing.

The experience of sort of returning to work for a former employer was a mixed one. Returning to the office and having to work in that environment was familiar and at the same time disappointing. Everything was as I had left it except a bit more cluttered. My desk was still vacant, and the computer was useless so I had to desk hop around to complete my tasks. I thought the lack of preparedness on their part was unprofessional and disrespectful.

The project itself went smoothly and completed without complications. The client/tenant was pleased with the finished product. As I mentioned, the project was a commercial fit out with storage facilities. The original raw high ceiling space was drastically transformed to a bright and well lit office space that had splashes of color. I was pleased with the colors and finishes. I missed these moments where you spend each week looking at rough construction and then comes the day when you walk onto a pleasing finished space. A smile would overtake my face. A feeling of pride would sweep over me, and I would be happy, almost giddy.

I can certainly see myself doing more freelance work although perhaps keeping it specifically to construction administration, and I would pursue this service with new architectural practices. I’ll have to see if there is a demand to do just construction administration. If you know anybody in the NYC area who needs help with construction administration on projects, let me know. I may even entertain working abroad if the fee is right.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment if you are compelled to share your freelance experience or comment about mine.


4 thoughts on “Freelance project: Completed

  1. Images, please. We want images of “the bright and well lit office space that had splashes of color”. We all know that in architecture a single picture would worth thousands words.
    Congratulations with your first freelance job.

    • Thanks, Albert. I thought about this and deliberately decided to not include a picture with this post. I prefer to keep my work and my thoughts about architectural practices separate for now. With that said, I will be creating a home where I will post projects.

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