Storefront for Architecture

I was in the Union Square area when I walked passed these storefronts for a men’s clothing store. Immediately I had to take pictures of this and blog it! The architectural drawings and models were kindly supplied by the architecture practice of Michael Rubin Architects. The window was designed by David Howell Designs.

I think it’s interesting how the concept of “plan”-ning ahead is illustrated with the overly simplified concept of the architect as a professional. Headless mannequins sharply dressed holding in their hands some kind of recognizable architectural paraphernalia. Or mannequins flanking a scaled wood model or an easel presentation board.


And then my thoughts wandered to how architects dress. Well, in this specific case, male architects. I stood there and mused over an architect dressed in a shawl collared cardigan over a button down shirt and a pair of chinos walk onto a job site. Yes, he’d be ridiculed by the blue collared contractors but he doesn’t care about their opinion. Or how about an architect step into a meeting with a corporate client dressed in a black tailored suit befitting a bachelor about to get married or a secret British spy! Or a rugged architect who builds eco friendly wood and stone cabins in the middle of woodlands dressed like he’s about to go camping – flannel, red wings boots, a fleece pullover, and carpenter pants?

Are there any architects out there that are as I described? Ladies? Guys? I’d love to know! Seriously! If you know of an architect, whether they are female or male, who is sharply dressed, please get a picture of them in their finest and email me. I want to write about architects who are fashionably dressed. When I say fashionable, I mean how they present themselves in what they wear and how they carry themselves in the clothes they wear. This architect would light up a board room even though there are fluorescent lights, or brighten up a dim and dirty building site. Please get in touch with me if you know an architect like this. You can reach me at the place below (all one word, no spaces):


So, architects – what do you think of the display?

Do you think they are portraying the fashion sense of an architect accurately?

Or, does the display inspire any architects to dress as presented?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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