Gifts for the Architect 2010

Well, it’s that time of year again as we approach closer to the holidays, and people are wondering what to give as gifts. I can’t speak for everyone but I can at least help those who need gift ideas to give an architect. I compiled a list of gift ideas last year, Gifts for the Architect, which you are more than welcome to check out. The ideas I listed last year are timeless and you can’t go wrong with.

For 2010, I have compiled a list of *new* and exciting gift ideas that I believe will please almost any architect. It wasn’t an easy task but someone had to do it. I scoured the internet visiting various sites and trolled the streets of NYC looking for great gifts to give that architect friend, spouse, or child. I believe what I have selected will no doubt meet an architect’s professional needs, their desire for knowledge and inspiration, and complement their creative sensibilities. You can’t go wrong with these gifts. As one of the gifts says (and you’ll see this soon enough), “Trust me, I’m an architect.”

The architect’s travel companion

I don’t know any architect who isn’t always carrying something to the job site or a project meeting so why not give them a bag that can take the abuse of daily travels and still look professional?

Victorinox Swiss Army has a collection of travel gear called Architecture 2.0 with over 20 bags to choose from. Of the collection, Louvre 17 would be a thoughtful gift. The specs say it fits a 17″ laptop which is great because it means an architect can also stick a reduced size (11″x17″) set of documents without having to fold a larger set. There are also pockets to fit pens, PDA’s, tape measure, a scale, and other tools.

I admit the black bag (above) is a bit conservative looking; and for many architects this is what they will want to use in a suited work environment. But not all architects are restricted to working in a suit. There are many architects who are professional and dress comfortably. For these architects, I recommend products from White Sycamore, luxury leather goods made in the U.S.A.! The item I want to highlight here is their Architect Plan Carrier, which is an amazing answer to the problem of carrying awkward full-sized rolled up drawings to the job site or project meeting. Full size drawings can range from 24″ to 36″ when rolled up; and the diameter can vary depending on the complexity of the project. This carrier is a great solution to a common awkward problem. For a limited time, get 20% off purchases only at etsy.


The architect’s muse & musings

Architects love glossy picture books! The bigger, the better but who wants to lug a huge heavy book around? Trust me, I received one as a holiday present. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But it was not easy to take home! Instead, I have here some great recommendations for books with lots of pretty glossy pictures that is sure to be a sweet treat to the architect’s eyes!

Phaidon, is an excellent publisher of art, architecture, cook, design, graphic, and photography books. They have a shop in New York City, Soho to be exact. One of my favorite places to visit! They have this gorgeous new book on John Pawson: Plain Space (one of my favorite architects and designers); a must have.

John Pawson monologue

Another great publisher of art, architecture, design, and photography books is teNeues. They also have shop in New York City, also in Soho! They have some fun new books that is sure to inspire architects and designers with new books like these: Art Architecture Design New York and Living in Style Paris.


Architects love architecture magazines. It’s one of the ways architects stay abreast of the latest architectural and building technologies and innovative designs as well as relevant industry news about new and completed projects and competitions. I have 3 different recommendations that architects would greatly appreciate a subscription to.

Architect Magazine is an award-winning popular architectural publication that reports on contemporary architecture and design. This is the perfect gift for architecture students as well as recent grads and architects of all ages. It’s a magazine that will keep the architect current with the latest building technologies and innovative designs. There are 3 subscription options for the magazine. For more information about subscribing to Architect Magazine, click here.

El Croquis, an architectural publication based in Spain. Each issue is usually dedicated to a single architect, usually one that has been awarded the Pritzker Prize (1). These magazines are a great resource and offers the architect and architecture student inspiration. There is a choice between two subscriptions; 5 issues or 10 issues. As a subscriber digital editions of the magazines are also available for download. Another great feature of El Croquis is that you can order back issues especially if you know your architect’s favorite architect. For more information about El Croquis, click here. To subscribe or back order a specific issue, click here (subscriptions differ depending on where it will be delivered).

Another great architecture magazine is Detail: Portal for Architecture, a German based publication that is “…devoted to a specific constructional theme and provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject in the various sections of the journal.” It’s a great resource for architects who are detail oriented. A yearly subscription includes 8 issues plus 2 Detail green issues. For more subscription information, click here.

When the architect is inspired, he or she is gonna need something to scribble or sketch it all down. Instead of giving them just another Moleskin sketchbook, pair it up with the Field Sketchbook by White Sycamore! It’s a lovely leather sketchbook protector with a sleeve to hold the pen or pencil for the architect’s convenience. The Padfolio, also from White Sycamore is a great gift for the architect who is constantly in the field making observations, or sitting in meetings taking down minutes. For a limited time, get 20% off purchases only at etsy.

The architect’s uniform

Giving clothes is always tricky, but I think for the architect it could be simpler than you think especially if that architect insists on wearing black only. How simple is that? Black t-shirt, black button down shirt, black tie, black belt, black sweater vest, etc. Black, black, black, blah! Or, you can always settle on this T-shirt.

However, if your architect is a bit more stylish and fashion forward, how about this amazing cowl top from Desira Pesta! It’s hand-made and hand-printed 100% cotton jersey. Pattern is designed by an architect, Rob Daurio. You can buy this fabulous top here. There’s also a scarf that is the same pattern, which you can buy here.


The archiTECH

For the architect or student of architecture who owns an iPhone (at least with the latest iOS4), or an iPod Touch, or an iPad you may consider gifting an app or an audiobook or visual programs. Here are some great ideas that any architect would appreciate!

Do you know an architect who is going for their license? There’s an app for that! Kaplan Architecture Registration Exam. This app is available both on the iPhone and iPad.

Maybe that architect you know is just way too busy to sit down and read a book, or is always behind a computer drafting away. Perhaps an audiobook is the answer to help them get some intellectual and mental stimulation. Here are some titles for the architect who appreciates critical analysis and thinking about architecture.
The Architecture of Happiness by Alain De Botton.
Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger.

Or perhaps, the architect prefers to be visually stimulated and inspired. You may want to consider some of these documentaries any design conscious architect would appreciate. You can either buy the entire season or select specific episodes. These programs are also available on DVD.
E2 Design, Season 2:  “…is an eighteen part documentary-style television series investigating sustainable living and green design from New York City to rural Mexico. It was narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.”(2)
Big Ideas for a Small Planet: “…s an American documentary series on the Sundance Channel which focuses on environmental innovations such as alternative fuel and green building techniques.”(3)
Rem Koolhaus: A Kind of Architect: “…is an engaging portrait of a visionary man that takes us to the heart of his ideas.”(4)

screen shot from E2 Design

screen shot from E2 Design

The Social architect

Of course, the “Gifts for the Architect 2010” isn’t complete without suggestions of spirits, right? What architect doesn’t enjoy a good drink? There’s nothing like a mixing up an easy gin and tonic with one of my favorite gin, Hendricks. Truth be told, I like the bottle. And if you feel giving just a bottle of gin isn’t enough, you can always pair it up with a couple of nice glass tumblers or martini glasses, or an attractive cocktail shaker.

And you can’t go wrong with gifting a bottle of whisky – how about Ardbeg Supernova?

Here are some additional ideas for the architects who enjoys being social.

  • You may pair a bottle of wine with one of these lovely sommelier corkscrew, the Parrot, from Alessi.
  • Or maybe, the architect prefers to celebrate beer. A case of their favorite beer or a large bottle of handcrafted artisan beer with one of these bottle openers, Diabolix, from Alessi.

The architect’s bonus

Chances will be that architects may not be receiving bonuses at the end of 2010 so why not give them a little something extra to let them know how special they are with any of these gift ideas?

Besides enjoying a good drink at the end of the day, architects love a good morning brew to get them going. Coffee is a favorite morning brew for many architects. The aroma wakes them up and the smooth taste whether served hot or iced with a dash of milk or a sprinkle of sugar jolts them to action! How about a handsome bag of gourmet coffee?

Or how about some fine tea leaves which they can brew up while they’re in the office stressing over a deadline? There’s nothing like a soothing cup of earl grey or mint tea. Tea is aromatic and possesses healing properties. Check out these fine teas from these fine companies.


We all know that architects love to read and look through picture books, and tend to be organized so why not include one of these pageCUES by Gilbert13 with a new glossy picture book? They are available in 3 different themes but the one you’ll want to get for that architect is the set of iconic buildings (yellow).

How about this amusing book “101 Things I Learned in Architecture School” which you may buy at your local bookstore or online bookseller. It’s perfect for the recent graduate or a great reminder for the seasoned professional.

101 things i learned in architecture school

Another great gift addition that architects may enjoy especially if they appreciate fine detail are these kits from Finch & Fouracre. They are architectural model makers and designers based in Glasgow. It comes flat and you carefully fold it to create this adorable tinyment. This thing is about 2.5″ tall!! You can buy this gift here. They also offer bigger cardboard Scottish tenement models for those who do not have nimble fingers.

Or how about these amazing Architectural Model Series from Terada Design Architects? These are incredible! The scale is 1:100! So far, I’ve only seen it sold at MoMA Design store in NYC and they have limited stock online. You can do a search and buy from overseas.

architectural model set in black

architectural model set in black

architectural model set in red


I hope these suggestions are helpful in providing you with some inspiration if not THE answer to your gift shopping quandary. I know it may seem difficult to find the right gift for someone who’s profession lends them to be detailed oriented, a control freak about quality, and highly opinionated but don’t worry. It’s a time for merriment. The gift giving aspect of this merry holiday is a thoughtful gesture and not mandatory. Happy shopping!!

Architects, feel free to leave comments of any gift ideas you may want to share or share what great gifts you’ve received last year.

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25 thoughts on “Gifts for the Architect 2010

  1. Wow… I am going to send this post to all my friends. So they know what I like and how exquisite my taste is. Thanks for formulating it verbally and visually (I don’t ask about the price tags, I understand I can click the link, but I am afraid to see too many zeroes :-)… Let my friends worry about it)

    Few remarks… Who cares about the magazines if you have such cool blogs as this one on-line. Now books is completely different story. Books matter! Whisky… well there are few better brands (it’s ok though – I’m really into pricey whisky, so don’t bother with my idiocy)… And what is that with the Apps? I can by Apps by myself – I want an iPad as gift – that’s what I really want. Apps! … And of course I liked that cowl top (especially the way it is demonstrated … lol)

    Great informative post. Can’t wait for some presents from this modest list (no black bag please!)

    • when I can start cashing in on my blog, I’ll make it a mandatory gift item for all architects!

      i’d love to hear your whisky choices! i only started to get into it so not an expert. i’m also into artisan and handcrafted beers.

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    • She doesn’t have email? Maybe a nice handwritten letter to you mum with a print out of a great article that you’ve recently read? Wait, that means she didn’t read the “other” article! You’ll have to print that out for her too! 🙂

  3. Another practical but fun “toy” that architects might enjoy is a digital tape measure. They’ve come down in price over the past few years, and make it easier to measure an existing space even on your own.

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  10. you have no idea how much your post has helped me…i was searching on net but didnt find anything useful but your post just saved me..great..seems like u have done PHD in this 🙂

  11. Thank you for the post. I am shopping for my friend, a soon-to-be architecture program graduate, and I had no idea what to get her. You really provided some clever ideas. You’ve saved me a ton of time!

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