Jon-Marc Creaney

** I found out Monday morning (November 7, 2011) that Jon-Marc Creaney passed away peacefully yesterday at 3am. He was a great guy, an architect who’s work I admired, and a photographer whose images moved me. I enjoyed our exchanges on Twitter and later via email while he recovered from his treatments with his fight against cancer. I am fortunate to have known him, and even grateful that I had an opportunity to see him. He was so young (only 40) and he had so much more life to live. It’s tragic that he has died but at least he is now at peace. **

Jon-Marc Creaney is  a young architect from Glasgow, Scotland with his own practice called GCA Architecture + Design. Jon currently has an 8 person office with projects that range from residential to institutional. Each project (as you will see for yourself) was executed with thoughtful consideration of program, location, and materiality.

I asked Jon to share his story of how he came to own his practice because I believe he had an interesting story to tell about his career development. I  have read his blogs and follow his tweets on Twitter (via @scarpadog), and I was curious about the name of the company, and his title as “Managing Director”. I was under the impression that he owned his practice. Then I came to realize with Mr. Creaney that not everyone owns their practice through conventional means.

Jon was first inspired to a career in design after watching a popular television show called, The Good Life, in which the main character quit his job as a designer of plastic toys found in cereal boxes to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. The idea of working in an office with a studio setting left Jon with a lasting impression which guided his future into architecture. Jon is the only child in his immediate family that went on to pursue a creative profession. His parents are retired educators, his father taught geography and his mother taught middle school. His siblings are also in education and one works for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) as a cameraman.


6 thoughts on “Jon-Marc Creaney

  1. I was the architect who helped Jon by staying for a few months after the splitting of staff!

    I too wanted my own train set to play with hence the reason for starting my own practice, however I must pay full respect to Jon in what he has done to date professionally.

    We, Jon and I, continue to debate design ie what is and what isnt design but that’s architecture. Jon has developed his own Style which is very unique and continues to grow and develop into something worthy of further intrigue.

    Well done Jonny on your work to date and long may you flourish!

    Are you an Entrepreneur? You know where I’m coming from….

  2. I was working with Jon Marc on the Margate FC redevelopment with the design and build main contractor Construct Group.
    He was a gentleman and my sincere condolences to his friends and family.
    Rest In Peace Jon Marc

  3. Shared a visit a few years ago with Jon Marc to Venice, and was impressed by his knowledge and forward thinking then. RIP JM. My condolances to all of his family and friends, the big Quiet Man will be sorely missed. Stephen McCluskey

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