Architect as Entrepreneur

This is the announcement for “Architect as Entrepreneur” featured on La Femme Architecte where I interview architects who ventured out on their own to start their practice.

My initial motivation to create this series was my curiosity about being an entrepreneur stoked on by encouraging words from friends. I also figured that I’m probably not the only one who is curious about this subject.

Instead of reporting on the “how to” aspect of starting and running your own practice, I wanted to seek stories that will leave readers inspired. I think when an architect or designer ventures out on their own, they are making a bold move in their career. It’s an admirable trait not everyone possesses. It takes a certain kind of person to take the leap from dutiful employee to courageous employer.

I am also pleased to announce that my first interview is with Jon-Marc Creaney of GCA Architecture + Design, a practice in Glasgow, Scotland. Jon was very kind to share his story of how he rose from being another architectural employee to architect as entrepreneur. It’s not only an interesting story but an inspirational one as well. While some architects will take the easy way out in the face of possible defeat, Jon fought on for what he wanted.

Subsequent interviews and stories will be announced as they become available. If you are an architect or designer with your own practice and would like to share your rise from employee to entrepreneur, please leave a comment with your interest.

**Comments expressing candidacy will not be published.**

Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned.


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