It’s not the end…

If you didn’t have a chance to read my last post, I’ve recently become one of the unemployed. Despite my situation, I remain upbeat. To be frank, I doubt I will land a job by the end of the year. In my years of experience especially as it relates to finding a new job, I’ve managed to secure a new position in spring, late summer, and early autumn. Those seem to be prime times for hiring…during a good economy. Now that we’re into autumn with holidays around the corner, nobody is going to seriously hire. There may be jobs posted in the paper but chances are the following:

  • You’re not the only one applying.
  • Someone on the other end has to take the time out to review and plan interviews.
  • The same people reviewing resumes have to make sure they have the work to hire someone.

Knowing this, I have been preparing myself for the next opportunities and while I wait out for the economy to return to prosperity, I am keeping myself busy with the following “projects”.

  1. Updating the resume; a friend made an amazing make over of my resume, which I am happy to share with you in a following post.
  2. Work on your architect’s license requirements; whether you’re going for your IDP, exams, or keeping current with your architectural knowledge and skills.
  3. Get involved with local charities and non-profit organizations – volunteer.
  4. Apply to internships. This may not be appealing to some who are at an advanced stage in their career but it’s a great way to learn new things and maybe new skills if you can get pass the stigma of being an intern.
  5. Take classes and learn new skills.  I know money is tight but maybe this a good time to return to your interests when you were too busy with work. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write that great novel – take a writing class; etc. Also a great time to perhaps change careers. You like to bake? Take a pastry class at your local culinary school.

If you know somebody who has recently become unemployed due to the current economic state, don’t tell them you’re sorry, or you feel bad. It doesn’t help them feel any better about their situation. Instead, cheer them on with words of encouragement. I must say that some of the folks on Twitter have been very supportive – they know who they are if they are reading this. Don’t ask how the job market/search is going because we all know it’s not great out there. Instead, offer to forward their resume to your office or offer to forward it to your professional networks. And direct them to this post.

Thank you and Good luck!


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