The Glass House tour, part 3

Our tour included access to his bunker and Greek village, both housing his art collection. 

The bunker was created during a time when underground spaces for built for survival in case of some catastrophic world destruction. His version wasn’t really underground. Instead, it looked more like the mound was created as a covering for the building  as opposed to the concept of excavation and building into the earth. 

The entrance into the bunker is created by the retaining wall that funnels visitors into it’s quasi-underground tomb. Unlike PJ’s Glass House, the bunker has air conditioning and what a relief to get inside. The bunker is equipped with a pantry and a tiny restroom. The foyer of the bunker has some nice black and white photographs of ancient ruins, and on the opposite wall, there is a large colorful print. 

The main gallery space was interesting in the way the art was displayed. The gallery was designed in such a way that only specific artworks would be displayed at any given time, or flipped through like a book. You will see in the photos circular tracks in the ceiling which help to guide the rotating panels.  The art collection that we were able to see may be impressive to some but I was not. There is a piece by Warhol of Philip Johnson. 

The Greek village is where the sculpture collection is housed. Of the buildings we visited on the property, this was the one i liked best. There are different levels in this Greek village, each level displayed one or two pieces. Lots of natural light, and striking shadows cast by the skylight. The sculpture pieces were displayed against an all white interior with a maroon colored tile floor set in a windmill pattern. Unfortunately, the space did not have any AC or proper air circulation. It was stuffy even though the entrance is open. Outside the Greek village there is another sculpture which looks like a rotted tree. This piece was cast in bronze. 



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