The Glass House tour, part 2

It was a hot day when we visited the Glass House. The round pool looked really inviting and we we were all tempted to jump in. After surveying the famed glass house, and taking the opportunity to photograph the interior, we continued our tour of the outside and from the distance, we looked at another folly sitting in a man made lake. We could also see a sculpture designed by Philip Johnson for his friend Lincoln Kirstein, founder of the New York City Ballet. This sculpture was inspired by the poetic dance movements, and called Safe Danger. It can be climbed, which you can see in one of the video monitors. The movements of climbing this sculpture is suppose to mimic the movements of dance as depicted in the video but I don’t know if I would be able to climb as gracefully as the guy in the video. And yes, people are permitted to climb the sculpture however this is only available once a year in September. I would climb that but that all depends on how much that particular tour cost.



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