Swarovski Crystallized

As you may have read my last post about Swarovski Crystal and Zaha Hadid, here are some pictures of the cafe end of the store, Swarovski Crystallized, located in Soho. The store has been open for about a year and the cafe is currently in the works to become a restaurant. I don’t know who the architect or designer of the space is but I thought the fit-out of the railroad type space was interesting if you ignore the cafe program. The cafe end definitely has the look of coolness and casual chique but I don’t think I would feel like I was in a cafe in Soho, and be in that relaxed state of mind sipping a café. However, as a restaurant it might work although they should consider softening it up a bit; perhaps in the lighting and changing some of the finishes – adding a bit of luxury even if it is faux. I know that goes against the nature of crystals, which is hard but as it stands now, it’s not all that inviting and I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably and enjoy whatever expensive meal they will eventually serve.

There’s also a downstairs which needs work. It may feel a bit claustrophobic for some but it just felt hollow. I know Swarovski is doing a lot to up the value of crystals with commercial and “designer” products but crystals are not a substitute for diamonds no matter how much you’re brainwashed to think so by savvy marketing campaigns; remember that.







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