One of the buildings I despise.

I fail to see the significance of this building. I’m not a fan of Philip Johnson. And I must add that after seeing the play, The Glass House, I dislike Philip Johnson even more however, it does make me curious about what kind of man and architect he was. So, will have to look for a biography on him…



2 thoughts on “One of the buildings I despise.

  1. I visited his office when in New York, we were given a tour of the office by one of the senior architects. It was in his ‘lipstick’ building. What was interesting was that they seemed to have some huge tower block projects which weren’t popular in the office but we were told that ‘we do this to fund the good stuff’. That is a fairly accurate quote, they then went on to show us the building they were working as part of the Glass House estate which was the De Monsta building. It reminded me of work that Hadid was doing and wondered if PJ just had a good eye throughout the decade for looking around and tapping into whatever style is popular as in the AT&T (which I knew it as then) which was the height of post moderism. Not one of my favorites either.

  2. Back in my architecture school days, I remembered he was really popular with the students. My then ex-BF thought highly of him and pointed out and amazing building Philip Johnson did. I looked up to where he was pointing and was trying to look for an “amazing” building, and then I realized he was pointing to the building with the Chippendale motif that is the AT&T building. I was thinking, “are you kidding me?!”After seeing the play, The Glass House, my opinion of PJ as architect and designer is lowered. But as a result, I am curious as to what kind of man he was. If he was a man with questionable ethics and lacking principals as portrayed in the play; he came off kind of slimy. It has been my observation that architects tend to compromise their integrity and principals in order to gain more creative opportunities that would require more time than budget may allow. It’s one of the criticisms I have with architects and as a profession in general. A topic I am also interested in exploring.

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