Eleven Times Square

I was walking in the rain Saturday afternoon around the Times Square area  
when I noticed  a new building going up on 42nd Street and Eighth  
Avenue. Actually, what caught my attention were the selling points for  
this building.

*LEED Gold Certification for environmental sustainability!
*Superior Air Quality and Energy Efficency!


When I returned home, I went to the website of Eleven Time Square. It is a new office building  


that is being labelled as the western gateway to the business district  
of the Times Square neighborhood.

Eleven Times Square is developed by SJO Properties, and the architects  
who designed this building is FXFOWLE, who have designed many of the  
buildings in the Times Square neighborhood like the New York Times HQ  
with Renzo Piano.

It is an all glass building combining glass curtain wall system using  
“high performance, spectrally selective Low-E glass” and unique “silk- 
glass” spandrel panels.

To learn more about Eleven Times Square, please visit their website  
where you will find renderings of the building exterior as well as the interior.

Or you may click here for the renderings. And you may click here to read more specifications of the building especially the building’s systems.



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