You should call customer service even though you did not initially have a question

I recently made a purchase on behalf of the client for some acoustical burlap which will be used and made into curtains for his office space. The company that I bought it from is called ATS Acoustics; they sell products that help you to maintain and control noise and sound.

The acoustical burlap was featured on a single page, which described the product, its acoustical properties, and a selection of colors to choose from. I did not see any issues with the product that would be a concern and proceeded to order the material. The ordering process was easy enough, at the bottom of the page is where you enter the yardage quantity required. I entered 52.

Screen shot ATS Acoustics burlap

Screen shot burlap 2

screen shot from webpage for acoustical burlap from ATS Acoustics

A few days later, I get an email notifying the order was shipped and I noticed there were two tracking numbers. I called immediately to inquire about this. The customer service on the other end explained the bolts come in 50 yards. They shipped an entire bolt and a separate 2 yards. She said that information should have been borates on the webpage but she apologized if it wasn’t. Then she added if I had questions, I should have contacted them. I told her that ATS should have notified me about the product’s availability to which she repeated; if I had questions, I should have contacted them. At that point I realized it was pointless to continue this conversation with the customer service agent as she was not being helpful about resolving the issue.

I returned to the website and read thru the page featuring the acoustical burlap to see if there was information about the bolt of fabric; there was none. The page did not describe that the fabric comes in 50 yard bolts. Confirming this did not erase the negative opinion I have with ATS Acoustical and the customer service agent.

Money is not the issue here as the material is inexpensive. Though the customer service agent pre-emptively apologized should the bolt information not be indicated on the webpage, her suggestion that I should have called if I had questions made her pre-emotive apology meaningless.

I eventually did my own searched and Googled, “How many yards of fabric on a bolt?” You will find the answer here.


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