Pike Loop: Day 12 , part 2

There were a group of students from NYIT on a field trip with their professor. They were permitted to come in and look and talk with the “engineers” about the installation. I tagged along for a bit and listened to their conversation.

One of the interesting explanation was about the brick itself. The brick was specially made for this installation as they required brick of specific and consistent size. The “engineer” further explained that the bricks were made with the “clay” pushed thru a dye and then cut.


As you can see, the wall is coming along nicely. I really like the detail where there are moments that the brick wall is lift off the ground. One of the “engineers” explained that they created a platform in order to acheive that raised construction.

I also like the effect and pattern of the brick being laid as it undulated along Pike Street.

They are going to complete at the end of next week. I will try to visit as often as I can, and report. I’d like to see R.O.B. build at a higher elevation.


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