Pike Loop: Day 2, afternoon

I returned this afternoon to Pike Street and East Broadway to see how the guys were doing with R.O.B. To my pleasure, R.O.B. was in operation and the brick wall was being built. Here is a video and some pictures of their progress.  

As you can see from the video, R.O.B. picks up a single brick, which is manually fed from the right side of the container.  The bricks line up in a sort of conveyor belt. Once R.O.B. picks up the brick, he takes it to have epoxy applied to the brick, swings around and gently places the brick on the stack. There's always one guy who oversees the operation R.O.B's operation.  The same guy who feeds the brick is also cleaning up any epoxy that may have squeezed out from the bricks as it stacks on top of each other.  

Although this is a step that may lead to machines and robots building in the future, there is still a need for humans to supervise and maintain the machine's operation.

I will return again tomorrow to see the developments of the brick wall, or as it is called, "Pike-loop".



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