Beyond the Surface

I went to the unveilng of Forms+Surfaces latest product line at the Material Connexions showroom/library. Beyond the Surface: Exploring Transparency, Texture, & Dimension.

For those of you who are not familiar with Forms+Surfaces, they are a company that manufactures architectural materials and products like glass, metals, and site furniture; to name a few. Their products are used in public and commercial projects. I’ve used their architectural metals; bonded and fused metals; in a storefront for a high-end retail boutique.

Screens and Bonded Quartz were unveiled at Material Connexion.

The Screens are not typical metals with generic cut-outs as offered by many architecural metal companies. The designs and patterns are elegant and sophisticated. There was one particular product from the Screens collection that was of interest to me and I was glad to see it on display. It is called, Cameroon Screen. It was displayed as double layers and slightly offset. The top screen is metal and the bottom is painted (see pictures). It’s gorgeous!

In addition to their large collection of bonded metal architectural surface products, they are now available in bonded quartz (white finish). The products that were on display included these elegant undulating waves of varying widths and depths called grass (new) and kalahari (see pictures). I am already considering the texture in fused metal and/or bonded metal for a particular project

Some of the other products that were also on display were these corrugated metals that were perforated (see pictures). I really like the perforated metals being used as a way to diffuse light as it laid over the light table. I could totally see this being used in place of light coves both in the ceiling and in walls.

I urge you to go see the exhibit for yourself and to get acquainted with the many wonderful products from Forms+Surfaces. There’s so much potential use for these materials and products to make any project special and unique.

The exhibit runs from October 1 through October 30 at Material Connexion at 60 Madison Avenue.


If you’re not familiar with Material Connexion, it is a library for architects and designers where they can research materials for use in conventional or innovative projects. They have many interesting materials that veneers, surfaces, and fabrics to name a few things from their collection. One of the materials that got my attention was a synthetic snake skin that could be used as upholstery. It was black but it could change color with the change of temperature. I held it in my hand to heat it and saw the color change and then chilled it with my glass of wine. It was pretty cool!

For more information about Material Connexion, please visit their website:

For more information about Forms+Surfaces, please visit their website:


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