The Cooper Square Hotel

The Cooper Square Hotel is designed by Carlos Zapata, and opened in Spring 2009. It is located on the next block south of the new Cooper Union School.

It’s a beautifully designed hotel in the East Village section of Manhattan; very contemporary and modern. It seems that the East Village is open to a more contemporary style of architecture. For instance, the New Museum on the Bowery and let me say it again, the new Cooper Union building. There’s also the Gwathmey Seigle building on Astor Place next door to Joe’s Pub and the Public Theater. I don’t like that building but is the first contemporary style and all glass building to be introduced to the neighborhood.

I really like the introduction of these large and massive scaled buildings of glass and metal being introduced into a neighborhood that is typically row houses of brownstones and brick apartment buildings. The East Village (in my opinion) is also a grittier part of downtown Manhattan so it’s nice to see these architecturally expressive buildings articulated with glass and metal and sophisticated details coexist in a part of the city hat is not known for modernity.


The bar has an amazing undulating ceiling finished with glazed black “subway” tiles. Slate paves the exterior floor, which flows into the bar and lobby. The lower level was painted in a warm and cozy red and dimly lit. The restrooms are to the left when you get downstairs. The restrooms line down the corridor and are hidden behind these massive wood doors. Each door hides a room with a toilet and a sink. Really inconspicuous. I wouldn’t have known this had one of the doors not been left slightly open, exposing the latch.

They also had a dining area/restaurant, which I did not enter, that also spread to and enclosed outdoor space on the ground floor and accessible from the public sidewalk.

My pictures do not do the entire building justice, and taking pictures of the interior public spaces were not permitted. All the more reason for you to take a visit or plan a stay.

I hope to return again and see the rest of the public spaces which included an outdoor space on the upper level which was closed due to the rainy weather.

For more information on the Cooper Square Hotel, visit their website:

For more information on Carlos Zapata, here are some links that you may find helpful.


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