Well, it’s official. My boss informed my other colleagues that the office does not have enough work to sustain the current staff. Well, I don’t know exactly what he told them other than that he was forced to relieve them of their employment.

I knew about this at the start of the month when he pulled me into the conference room to discuss a project but informed me that he was closing the office. I could feel the blood rush from my face when the announcement washed over me and sank to the bottom of my stomach. But then my spirits lifted when he offered me to stay on with him. He explained to me that moving forward, we will be taking on a different role with one of the on going projects in the office. (Sorry, I can’t give details of the project.) And with my colleagues being laid off, there was going to be plenty I work for me to take on.

I must admit that despite the pending bad news that awaited my colleagues, I was happy that I was still employed. Happiness soon turned into discomfort upon returning to my seat where I faced my colleague who had no clue what was waiting for them. I must have seemed strange in my behavior.

And in fact, most likely the news of my colleague’s pending departure relieved me of my patience with them while we continued to work together. That’s not to say that they did not get on my nerves previously. The difference is that I was stuck working with them and had to make the best of the situation by being more patient with them. Don’t get me wrong, I like them as people and as friends but I would not want to work with them. Knowing that my colleagues were being let go of was liberating. It meant that I wouldn’t have to deal with their lax work habits.

At the same time, it was awkward sitting there having friendly conversations knowing what I knew. It was also difficult not being able to talk about it with my colleagues; gathering together to exchange thoughts and opinions of the latest office news.

I’m not sure how long they’re going to hang around. As I understand it, they got a severence package.

I’m not sure what the future holds after this point. I did tell a friend about this (I needed to share this with someone), and that I am along for the ride and will see where it takes me. I have always said that I wanted to expand beyond architectural practice. This may be my opportunity to do so.  In a way, the downsizing is a closing of a chapter in my career. Wish me luck.


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