What’s happened since my last post..

First, my apologies for not posting in such a long time. Despite the economic downturn, our little office has been extremely busy but not in the way of being profitable. And yet, we have not let anyone go; we’re still an office of four plus the part-time bookkeeper. As you may or may not know, when I was hired in June 2008, the office was 5 plus the PT bookkeeper and an intern. One guy quit shortly after I started. He was one of the employees that was going to be let go of but he escaped. And another guy was also let go of because he wasn’t performing up to standard.

Second, after a couple of months of working at the current office, I realized I did not like working there anymore and despite my growing misery I was not miserable enough to make an effort to look for other opportunities. Subconsciously, I knew the forecast of our economy was starting to look gloomy. I decided to stay put and learned to deal with the constant BS on a day to day basis. It wasn’t all bad. I like my colleagues and I enjoy working with them. And I’m not alone in my frustrations. On top of that, I still keep in touch with the old office and so I had updates of the what was happening there; they’re surviving with some compromises.

Third, so much has happened in less than a year but not in a good way – mainly project dramas, which has been frustrating, exhausting, and in the end amusing. I’ll be writing about those experiences.  I just have to craft the writing.

Fourth, I have been pondering about my professional career as an architect. Do I want to take that plunge? There are exams involved. I think I should and it would be the correct path to take even if I decide to do something else afterwards. At least with obtaining my license, it can mark the beginning or end of that chapter of my life. I don’t like taking exams.

Fifth, I had looked into signing up for a class or two at NYU. I have found that taking classes helped to stimulate my creativity especially when work does not exercise my creative muscle. As a result I become restless and bored with work. I will most likely sign up for summer classes. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Sixth, I am going to make more of an effort to write more for this blog. I have several other blogs but am active on a couple of them. There is so much I want to impart onto aspiring and/or standing architects. And, I don’t want LFA to become one of those blogs that rant about their workplace. It’s not constructive, nor is it professional. And I’m sure there is plenty of those kinds of blogs out there to satisfy mutual feelings. I want to provide helpful advice and information that will help those to overcome their professional obstacles, and nurture their professional development and growth as an architect. My hope in accomplishing this is by sharing more of my experiences in a constructive and professional matter. At times I will be critical but (I hope) at the same time objective in my evaluation of the situation. So please bare with me as I move forward and develop the body of content that I hope will be useful to most.


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