Fellow Pratt-heads

I recently reconnected with old college mates from when I studed at Pratt. Actually I ran into an old college mate while I was in the streets heading to a store before they closed. I heard someone shout my name. I looked up and recognized the face from my past. A face I have not seen in almost 9 years. It was so good to see him. He told me he worked for one of the city agencies. And in fact another mutual friend of ours also worked in the area, and also for one of the city agencies. Neither of us had business cards on us but I took down his email address. I asked of he was on the popular social networking site, Facebook. He we not.

That weekend, I logged onto Facebook and I noticed another college mate that I had not spoken to in 9 years. I immediately added him as “my friend” to my profile.

Soon after I found two more college mates, one of who started as freshman in first year design.

Reconnecting with my college friends brought back so many fond memories of Pratt.

Gosh, I miss being a college student especially as an architecture student.

I am very happy to read about how their professional careers in architecture have developed and where they are in their lives, and what I’ve missed for the last 9 years.  One of my friends is married with two young sons.  That’s awesome!


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