A new chapter…

I recently resigned from a firm where I’ve been working for more than 4 years but less than 5. In most work places, the 5 year milestone has one employee perk and that is after working at a firm for 5 years, you are entitled to 3 weeks or rather 15 days of vacation time off as opposed to the standard 2 weeks (10 days) vacation time off. Woo-hoo!! But hold on there, before you make any plans, please note that most employers would prefer that you do not take 15 days off consecutively.

I enjoyed working there, and miss the people who I’ve gotten to know. “There” was a small firm, a total of 10 people (and the number included me, too). The firm although capable of handling various sorts of project really excelled in private residences in the tri-state area, commercial interiors; which included but not limited to building lobbies, building cores, (restrooms and corridors), and pre-builds; and some institutional projects.

And although I had a good run at the 9 person firm, it was time to move on. To be honest, there were a couple of factors that contributed to the decision, which I will disclose in another post. I had some concerns about being able to find a new firm to join as the economy was not looking good, and at first, it seemed almost hopeless. I wasn’t getting call backs. Was I not qualified? Too qualified?

It wasn’t until mid Spring when i began to get interests and calls to meet with prospective employers. There were three that I really liked, which eventually got narrowed down to two. Both firms expressed interest in bringing me on board to their firm however no official offers were made. I wasn’t worried about the offers. I was worried about getting both offers. Of the two, I was torn as to which one to accept. Both were small firms, smaller then the 9 person firm. I liked them both and I could see myself doing really well in either but I was in a quandry as to which path to follow. One firm specialized in high end contemporary residences, while other firm specialized in high end residential and hospitality development projects.

Despite great interest from both, only one came back to me with a formal offer letter. I took a couple days to decide and also to give a little bit more time for the other firm to come to me with an offer letter. In the end, the decision was made for me, and I accepted the position at the firm with high end residential and hospitality development projects.

I start Monday, June 23rd.


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